WhatsApp updated its policy- points you need to know


    Khushi Bali, New Delhi

    Various applications make various types of updates. WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and terms of service which is not a new thing. Whatsapp is an application used by more than 127 million people in the world. In order to continue enjoying the services and facilities, one has to accept the updates and new policies. The deadline to accept this update is February 8, 2021. If anyone fails to accept this update by the deadline, their account will get deleted.

    What’s new?

    WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy. Indian users will get a pop-up notification and they have to press agree for accepting it. From February 8, 2021, the data will be shared with 3rd party service provider which consist of Facebook companies. WhatsApp will use robotic technique and will collect login information of the user.

    Information such as your phone number, WhatsApp status, contacts etc. will be available to Facebook from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is used by various people. It will share all our personal, professional details with Facebook, including our likes, dislikes, financial details, addresses, contacts, everything.

    What benefit will WhatsApp derive from this?

    The Data collected by WhatsApp will be shared to Facebook. Facebook is a big company which create big data centres to keep information about a million people. Facebook will share this information with other companies, who want to know about you. Data tracking by companies will become easier.

    People are not ready to barter their privacy but this time they don’t have a choice. They are raising questions. Right now, Telegram is trending on Twitter. People MIGHT opt for Telegram. Let’s see what will be the conclusion of this.


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