Top 5 best dismissals of team India in test cricket


    Sparsh Sharma, New Delhi

    India during the first match of the series with Australia scored only 36 runs in their second inning. The match was played in Adelaide Oval in Australia. The test match ended in say 3 of 5. Whereas Australia won the match by 8 wickets. In the second innings, none of the Indian batsmen scored double-digit and all over team score of India remains 36 on the downfall of 9 wickets in 21.2 overs. Whereas captain of the team Virat Kohli scored 4 runs of 8 balls and vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane was not been able to score a single run and went back to pavilion with a disappointment. Including vice captain two more batsmen got out on the score of zero.

    Whereas this is not the first time Indian team has played like this. Here are four more worst dismissal of the Indian cricket team in history. Indian team in second inning in a match with South Africa. During the match with South Africa India scored 66 runs out of 34.1 overs. This match was played on 26 December 1996. After playing 21.4 overs in another match played on the ground of Manchester, the Indian batsman scored a total 58 runs. This match was played against England on July 17, 1952. In the first innings against Australia during 1947 in Brisbane, the Indian team projected a score of 58 runs. The Indian batsman scored just 42 runs in the second inning by playing just 17 overs in another match, which took place in the Lords against England.

    As looking to these above dismissals we have though that India will be holding the record of scoring fewer runs in test cricket history but it’s not true. New Zealand is the team who has scored the lowest score in the test match till now . As in a match with Australia on the ground of Auckland, New Zealand. This match was played on 25 March , 1955. New Zealand scored 26 runs after playing 27 overs.

    Description:- how far India team have shamefully performed in test matches on the international level and scored so fewer runs and faced the loss. India’s past records of test cricket where team India didn’t perform up to the mark.


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