Real Truth : Why Rinku Sharma was murdered?


    *BJP worker murdered; Manish Mundra decides to donate Rs.5 lakhs*

    Rahul Sharma, BJP worker was stabbed to death in Delhi after argument. Rahul Sharma also known as Rinku Sharma was active in the fund collection drive for the Ram Temple. He was 25 years old.
    Various people are raising funds for the latter’s family. Kapil Mishra, Manish Mundra and many more people are helping his family in this difficult time.

    *What police and Rinku’s family and friends has to say?*

    The PRO of Delhi Police stated that on 10 February, some boys gathered in a restaurant in Mangolpuri area. They went there to celebrate the birthday of a friend. Some of them get into a heated argument with a group of boys and fought after which they went back home. The same night they had a fight again, in which a boy was killed. The police have arrested the accused by registering an FIR. Among the accused, Mohammad Danish, Tasuddin, Mohammad Islam, Zahid and Mohammad Mehtab have been arrested.
    Manu Sharma, brother of the late BJP activist said that when they reached hospital the accused was there. When he took Rinku to the Emergency ward, Zahid Ali tried to take out the knife stuck in Rinku’s body. But, when he failed to remove the knife, he fled the scene. Zahid’s uncle Tasuddin assaulted Rinku’s friends, slapped them. He even held Rinku’s mother by the neck.
    Rinku Sharma’s mother claimed that attackers had tried to burn the entire family alive. This accusation is proved by the video of the incident. In the video, it can be seen that she had resisted the attackers from taking out the cylinder from the kitchen. After this, attackers had given up and proceeded to stab Rinku.

    *The Controversy*

    After the death of Rinku Sharma, Kapil Mishra, an Indian Politician from Delhi shared a video on twitter. He targeted Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. He said, ‘Forget about helping the CM has not even spoken two words of condolences. But we have taken a pledge that we will not let the family fall alone or weaken it. Because Rinku has sacrificed his life for the name of Shri Ram.’
    After this, AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj said, “Murder cases in Delhi have become common now… The Home Minister is responsible for these killings. Hindus are not safe under Bharatiya Janata Party’s government.” Saurabh demanded Home Minister Amit Shah’s resignation too.

    *Funds being raised for Rinku’s family*

    Rinku’s father is jobless and his younger brother is a student. Rinku was the only earning member of the family. Knowing this fact, Kapil Mishra and Vaishali Poddar began a donation drive for Rinku’s family. Kapil Mishra have decided to meet deceased’s family and will provide them Rs. 1 crore. Manish Mundra has also decided to donate Rs. 5 lakhs for the latter’s family.
    Kapil Mishra and Vaishali Poddar have raised around Rs. 50 lakh with the help of this donation drive. If you want to donate amount for his family then refer to this link.


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