Protest results in death of farmers, who is responsible


    Khushi Bali, New Delhi

    Everyone knows about the ongoing farmer’s protest. The farmers began their protest in 2020 and it’s nowhere near its end. Even during this cold weather, they are not ready to step back. They just want the Government to listen to them and fulfil their demands. This cold, harsh winter waves are gradually taking farmers’ lives.

    Farmers losing their lives

    About 48 farmers have lost their lives since September 15 when protests against farm laws began in Punjab and Haryana. Their families are constantly mourning and blaming the government for all this. They say that Government support is ‘Inadequate’. 30 farmers, out of those 48 who died during this protest, were from Malwa belt alone. Their families want to know ‘How many more children will the Centre make fatherless?’ It’s so heartbreaking to see that the farmers who raise crops for the whole nation are now losing their lives.

    There is a list of few farmers who lost their lives in this short span of time.
    1. Baljinder Singh(32 yrs.) died in a road accident near Kurukshetra in Haryana while returning from the farmers’ protest in Delhi.
    2. Pal Singh (72 yrs.) died due to heart attack
    3. Dhanna Singh died in a road accident
    4. Bhag Singh (76 yrs.) died due to cardiac arrest; his son said that he could not survive the cold weather.
    5. Jatinder Singh died in a road accident
    6. Gurjant Singh died due to cardiac arrest
    Ruldu Singh, President of Punjab Kisan Union said: “We want the government to award at least Rs 10 lakh compensation, a government job to a family member and the complete waiver of debt to all the families who have lost their dear ones in this protest”.

    Farmer commits suicide

    Farmer suicide has become very common in our country. Recently, a farmer has committed suicide during the ongoing protest and this is increasing problems of Government. Sardar Kashmir Singh, a 75-year-old farmer hanged himself at Ghazipur border. He left behind a note written in the Punjabi language. He held the government responsible for his death.
    As soon as this news spread, Akhilesh Yadav begins to criticize BJP for not paying attention to the poor farmers.


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