Salman Nizami

Word war started between the two largest parties of the country after disputed tweets of Salman Nizami, who claims to be the part of Congress whereas Congress straightaway denied any such member.

He is an active social media user and writes for many publications. He was appointed as the Joint Secretary of J&K State Congress Committee in 2014.

Salman Nizami who recently did not hesitate to question our Prime Minister’s parentage has been in the news quite often for his controversial statements,  On his twitter handle he has mentioned himself as a Congress leader.

While congress is repeatedly denying any such membership to Nizami, BJP is taking the advantage of the situation to a good effect targeting congress. PM Modi even went onto mention Nizami’s name in a speech he gave in a rally as he was campaigning for Gujarat elections.

Speaking at the rally, Narendra Modi further said, “Salman Nizami asks on Twitter- Modi who is your father, who is your mother? Among the other things he says- he calls for Azad Kashmir. He calls our army rapists. How can the people accept such people like Salman Nizami? He also says there will be an Afzal from every home”.

Many photos have gone viral on the social media where prominent congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Gulaam Nabi Aazad and Shakti Singh Gohil are seen with Salman Nizami. Opposition is looking to grab this opportunity with both the hands.

The timing of this controversy can affect congress negatively in the ongoing Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections. With controversial statements from Kapil Sibbal, Manishankar Aiyar and Salman Nizami Congress does not seem to be having a good time as these statements can hurt congress’s vote bank badly in the elections.


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