Manikarnika set to release a new sequel


    Khushi Bali, New Delhi

    We have always studied about kings and queens who ruled on us. A few of us got the chance to know about people who belonged to Kashmir. Queen Didda was the ruler of Kashmir. Kangana Ranaut has announced her upcoming film which would be based on the story of Queen Didda.

    The ruthless Didda

    Didda was the daughter of the king of Lohara, Simharāja. She married Ksemagupta who was the King of Kashmir. Various coins have been found which shows the name of Ksemagupta and Didda. She is one of the very few female monarchs in Indian history. After her husband’s death, she rose above her disability to rule the unified Kashmir. She defeated Mahmud Ghazni twice as he was trying to invade Kashmir.

    She was one of the most powerful ladies of that time. She, along with 500 soldiers won a battle against an army of 35,000 soldiers who attacked her reign. She took only 45 minutes in fighting this battle. The way she used to kill her enemies was very ruthless. She even killed her grandsons so that she could rule the kingdom. Although she was lame, she managed to be the last queen of Kashmir.

    Kangana Ranaut speaks about her new project

    The Controversy Queen is all set to make a film on the story of Queen Didda. She titled this movie as Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda. In a tweet, she wrote: “India has seen several Bravehearts like the queen of Jhansi. Another such untold story of heroism is of a queen from Kashmir, who defeated Mahmud of Ghazni not once but twice in battle.”
    An author has accused Kangana Ranaut of copyright infringement. However, the producer of the film has given the author a befitting reply. The producer of this film also told that the budget for this film could cross Rs. 80 crores.


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