Birthday Special Ramanujan The Great Indian Mathematician


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    You will hardly find any person who does not know about the Great Indian Mathematician S. Ramanujan. His full name was Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar. He was born on December 22, 1887, and died on April 26, 1920. His birthday is celebrated as the National Mathematics Day.

    His Works & Achievements

    S. Ramanujan made several major contributions to the field of mathematics. You will be shocked to know that he had no such special training in Mathematics. He worked on analytical theory of numbers and on elliptic functions, continued fractions, and infinite series.
    There is an instance from 1902 when Ramanujan was showed how to solve cubic equations and he found his own method to solve the quartic. He even tried to solve quintic but somehow he failed to do so.

    By 1904, he had begun to go in-depth research. He tried to find out various things about the hypergeometric series and investigated the relationship between integral and series. He even calculated Euler’s constant to 15 decimal places.

    His various works such as Ramanujan prime, the Ramanujan theatre function, partition formulae and mock theta functions have given rise to new areas for researches.
    He also discovered the three Ramanujan’s congruences and did research related to Fermat’s last theorem.

    His life

    Ramanujan was born in South India and was a brilliant student & won many prizes in academic during his school time. He was such a bright student that he even got a scholarship for studying in college but due to his immense interest in mathematics, he ignored other subjects which made him lose this opportunity.

    He belonged to a poor family so he got to face many difficulties in his life. This was the moment when he started living on Charity of his friends. But Soon he started the inventing and discovering various things in the field of mathematics. After a period of time, he got a chance to go to Cambridge. He got the recognition he had always wished for. There he even got a chance to get his work published.

    After his immense success, his health started deteriorating, due to which he decided to come back to India. Within a year, he lost his life. He left 3 notebooks for getting published after his death. He was a man of wisdom and we all must remember his contributions in the field of Mathematics.


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