5G technology on its way to be launched in India


    Sparsh, New Delhi

    As India providing the cheapest data after the reforms of reliance Jio communication by Mukesh Ambani. The country is lacking behind from the proven speed test by” Okla.” and beholding 131 positions all over the world. All neighbouring countries having are holding a good position in the speed test list as well as launching 5G facilities.

    Future Planning of Launching 5G

    Mukesh Ambani stated in Indian Mobile Congress(IMC) that road planning is on its way. The plan includes upgrading the old towers and fixing new some other to extend the range of Network. In the statement, he also tells about that the Jio 5G network will be ready to use from the second half of 2021. Apart from this Sunil Mittal stated that his company may take 2-3 years to launch 5G technology. As stated the 5G network is 60-120% better than 4G network. As it is to be said that the average speed of 5G is around 10GB – 100 times more 4G.

    Raising Demands of youth

    As the youth always look for the best products with the better and network. As the vision of digitalization of India is somehow on its way to be proven true. The chairperson of Reliance Jio as announced that the 5G network will be out in the second half of 2021. Companies such as “OPPO” and “iQoo” are the brands which have lately launched 5G technology smartphones in February 2020. As now after that, all other leading brands have added at least one 5G smartphone in their list. As past records have not been better on the parts of technology India. India is on 131 positions in network test by “Okla” and 12.3 Mbps as the average speed of the world is 36.3 Mbps. Reliance communication is building a fifth-generation communication network In India.

    Possibilities of upgrading Network

    As mostly, all mobile brands in India have 5G network-based devices in the market in the list. The smartphones that are launched is around the range of 25k. As the government of India is trying to buy the mid-band and low-band in the auction. The auction does not include mid-band of 3300-3600 megahertz. As observe globally the network provides 66% better video quality, 59% of faster download, 55% in surfing online videos. As this is going to be a long run to upgrade the fifth-generation network and establish” Atmanirbhar Bharat”.


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