Yogi Adityanath

 BJP might have listed 35 of its member as star campaigners for upcoming Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections but among these names couple of names have uttermost importance these include Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi. Narendra Modi being a local is the star campaigner for obvious reasons. But what about Yogi? What is he doing in Gujarat?

If we look at the population breakdown of Gujarat we can easily notice that after Gujarati’s(Population which speak local language of Gujarat) The second largest population consists of migrants from UP and Bihar and so it is very important for BJP to exploit available resources in best manner possible. Yogi is the best in business when it comes to handling the voters from UP and Bihar and that is why he becomes an integral part of campaigning team of BJP in Gujarat.

It is a smart move by BJP and it seems they have their homework done on all the major fronts. They have looked clear with their strategy. May be this the reason why they are ruling in many of the Indian states

 Morally, this is not a right move as UP is a state which already is in dire need of an actively and enthusiastically working administration. Being the CM, State should always have the priority higher than the party but as they say “Ethics and politics do not go hand in hand” same justification holds true in this case. As citizens we just cannot wait peacefully for tide to change it is we who are responsible to bring the change so that even politicians realize that modern day voters are changing and should not be taken for granted.


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