Every year, on September 5, classrooms across India fill up with greeting cards, chocolates, flowers, and performances as student showcase what their teachers mean to them. We all appreciate the vital role that teachers play in shaping the future, but there are many more we should be wishing on this day, let’s have a look at them.

1. Exam-time friend:
Happy Teachers’ Day to that friend “jo exam se 1 din pehle padha deta hai”.

2. Paan-wale bhaiya
Happy Teachers’ day to that paan wale bhaiya without whose directions ‘hum zindagi me kahi nahi pahuch paate’.

3. The fake-babas
Happy teacher’s day to the fake babas for making us realize that ‘Not everyone dressed in saffron is a holy person’.

4. Grammar Nazi friend:
Happy Teachers’ Day ‘uss dost ko bhi jo sabki grammar correct karta hai!’

5. The ‘Ex’ factor:
Happy Teachers’ Day to the long forgotten evils who taught us that ‘not everyone you love is meant to stay.’

6. Best Friends:
Happy Teachers’ Day to all the special souls who taught us that ‘you don’t need to be related by blood to be called a family.’

7. Life:
Happy Teachers’ Day to the ‘best teacher we ever had’.

Dear Life,
No one teaches better than you.

Have we left any? Do share your views in the comments below!


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