Most of you may think that dialing 100 for complain in police department doesn’t work. We are sharing a story of three girls by Batul Netterwala, who asked for help on 100.

Here is the story in her words…

In the middle of the night some guy opened a window in our house and tried to steal our bags lying nearby. We raised an alarm and he ran away. But as we were just 3 girls and we were scared he would return I dialed 100. This was something 3:30-4 am on the 31st of December 2013. A woman answered the phone:

She: Mumbai police control center. How may I help you?
Me: someone just tried to break into our house, we raised an alarm and he ran away. We fear he might return with something more dangerous and we are just three girls and very scared.
She: do you want me to send someone?
Me: yes please.

She took down my number and address and within minutes I got a call from the nearest chowki informing me that they were sending a patroller and he might call for instructions on how to reach us. In 5 minutes two police men were in our house.

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After thoroughly checking and asking the neighbours to keep an eye on us they left. The guy even gave us his personal cell number and told us not to hesitate to contact him as he would be on night duty for a week in our area and he promised us he would make it a point to patrol in our area every night.


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