Vijay Rupani

Vijay Rupani swore in as the Gujarat Chief Minister for the second time on Tuesday after BJP won the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election for the 6th time in the row. 20 Ministers including Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel took part in oath ceremony on Tuesday.

All the BJP Stalwarts including PM Narendra Modi, BJP Party President Amit Shah and Chief Ministers of several BJP led states were present in the oath ceremony. One of the interesting thing about the cabinet is out of 20, 6 members belong to the politically influencing Patidar community of the state.

Vijay Rupani who has been the Chief Minister of the state before was unanimously elected as the Chief Minister by elected MLAs.

UP’s Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya was in all praise for Gujarat’s development model. Up’s deputy CM declared Gujarat Model as “world’s most successful” and called PM Narendra Modi as the ‘world’s greatest leader’

“Gujarat model is the world’s most successful model (of development), and the country has accepted this model. We are blessed that a great world leader—and not just a leader of India—Narendra Modi led this state for a long period,” Maurya said

Vijay Rupani contested the elections from Rajkot West constituency and stormed to an easy victory. He has a clean image and also is believed to be close to BJP Party president Amit Shah.

The newly elected cabinet is expected to meet tomorrow for the first time in Gandhinagar.


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