BJP vs Congress

The results of the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections carry much more importance than any other Vidhan Sabha election. It not only is important to people of Gujarat but it also matters a lot to two of the largest political parties of India-Congress and BJP. The election is a litmus test for both of the parties.

Let us see what do the results mean to Congress and BJP:

Why is it important for BJP?

The campaigning this time around was very unlike BJP which usually revolves around the Gujarat Development model. The Gujarat development model was used to a good effect by BJP even while they were campaigning for 2014 Lok Sabha election. So It was very interesting to see that no such reference was given to Gujarat model this time around. Politics was taken to a completely different level.

If BJP loses the election or even if there is a significant loss in the vote share then that would act as an alert signal to BJP. During the campaigning BJP just did everything it could have in the name of campaigning. Any loss in vote share will imply that the intensity of Modi Wave is on the decline. If BJP wins the elections and there is not a significant decrease in the vote share it would continue the dominance of BJP as the major political party of the country.

Why is it important for Congress?

In the midst of the election tussle, Rahul Gandhi filled the nomination post for the Congress President. Rahul looked in a completely different energy; It was the first instance when people believed that he can lead from the front, he campaigned heavily, toured to the different parts of the state, raised some good issues. All in all, he looked like a version 2.0 of himself in the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections

The results are very Important for Rahul Gandhi-the party president a win here will take him to the absolute top and a defeat would mean the extension of the continuous losing streak of Congress party which seems to have no near end. Also as the new party president, Rahul Gandhi will have to strategise preparation for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.



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