Who doesn’t remember school/college life? The one thing you always remember about being in class is your teacher. On the special occasion of Teacher’s day every year, most of us tend to think of the teachers we have had in school/college or generally in life. There is always going to be this one lot which is common for everyone.

  1. The Super Strict One

You can forget any teacher but this one. She/he is the kind of teacher that you don’t mess with. Your assignments or projects are always on time for this particular subject. They leave the class, and it’s instantly party time.

  1. The “Chill” One

Usually our favorite kind, they’re extremely cool with issues like attendance. The best part about them is the random jokes that they crack at appropriate or most inappropriate times. You are bound to remember at least one of their jokes by heart.

  1. The Non-Teacher Teachers

Music teacher, dance teacher, librarian and sports teacher. We’ve all had a favorite amongst these. Even though they are teachers, they don’t really teach you a subject. Ironically, you learn most life lessons from them.

  1. The Partial One

There is always going to be this one teacher who is partial towards a “smart” kid in the class. Even when they’re teaching, they will look at that particular student and talk. All tasks that require responsibility from being the monitor or the class representative goes to that student only.

  1. The Sweet One

You’ve never heard this teacher screaming whatsoever. They will always smile and talk so softly that even the naughtiest student will listen to them.

  1. The Best Teacher

Often it happens that we realize pretty late in life that every teacher that has taught us has given us a real life lesson. Some inspire us, some give us the push to do what we are afraid of doing and some just become like a best friend. Strict or subtle, teachers are tremendously precious.

A very happy teacher’s day to all the teachers in the world. Thank you for making this world a better place.


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