The bill will prove to be a blessing for Muslim Women

The decision for the much anticipated ‘Triple Talaq’ bill was finally taken by the apex court of our judiciary Supreme Court on 22th August 2017. Supreme Court then declared the ‘Triple Talaq’ bill unconstitutional by 3:2 majority. A bill was finally passed by the lower house of the parliament which declares instant Triple Talaq as illegal and could cause up to three years in jail for the husband.

Although some of the members of the lower house which belonged to RJD, AIMIM, BJD, AIADMK and All India Muslim League opposed the bill and called it arbitrary and faulty but finally it was passed successfully. The government of India called this decision ‘historic’.

According to the law Triple Talaq in any form-spoken, written or in electronic form is declared null and illegal.

BJP President tweeted after bill was passed declaring it as a big success for the current government

“This bill is a historic step towards ensuring dignity for Muslim women. I thank all fellow Parliamentarians who have supported this bill, which will bring a new era of hope and respect in the lives of Muslim women.”BJP party President Amit Shah

As the bill is passed from the Lok Sabha action now shifts to Rajya Sabha which is the upper house of the Indian Parliament. Though BJP does not have the majority in Rajya Sabha but with the support of Congress, the bill will be easily passed from Rajya Sabha as well.

Union Home Minister tweeted regarding the decision

It’s a historic day, we are confident that it will be passed in Rajya Sabha as well: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

The bill is something which was awaited for long as it was already made into a law in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia and Tunisia. The bill will prove to be a blessing for Muslim women as they were the real sufferers of the Triple Talaq.   



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