TDP Chief Chandra Babu Naidu

In a recent turn of events, TDP pulled out from the NDA Government in the centre. The move is a big jolt to BJP which as such has not been able to establish itself as a household name in the state.

A few moments after Naidu asked TDP ministers to resign from the central government, BJP Ministers in the state proclaimed their resignation from the state cabinet further weakening the BJP-TDP alliance.

These moves essentially mean that the TDP-BJP alliance has received a major startle and it would badly affect both of the parties in some way or the other, It has hurt BJP because it is very crucial to breach the fort of the south if they want to sail the 2019 Lok Sabha election with a victorious campaign.

TDP is still not a party which is recognized on the national level and so ties and good relations with an extremely powerful party like BJP would immensely help the regional party to grow and prosper at a faster rate.

Civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapati Raju and minister of state for science and technology, YS Chowdary, themselves handed over their letters of resignation at Prime Minister’s residence. However, a sigh of relief came for NDA when civil aviation minister confirmed that TDP as a party is still supporting NDA and so will continue being a part of NDA.

“Yes, there are problems, but solutions are being worked out,” Raju said

“We continue to support the NDA, but there was certain commitment given by national parties and now everyone in Andhra Pradesh wants that. My party directed us to resign,” Civil Minister added

Meanwhile, Congress trying to extract the maximum political benefit out of BJP-TDP tussle assured TDP that they would provide the latter with the demanded “special” status if they happen to come into power.

The declaration from Chandra Baba Naidu came as soon as his party was refused the special status. Although BJP which was desperate to instill a second life into the weakening alliance, they tried very hard to reach some compensation, all the efforts went in vain.

The Special Status for any state essentially means a completely different economic package being given to that state. TDP which was acutely demanding for one since the bifurcation and has now finally parted ways with the BJP.

TDP has emphasized over the need of special status in the state as during bifurcation Andhra lost both a capital and an industrial hub in Hyderabad which left Andhra Pradesh with agriculture as the major contributor to state’s GDP (Andhra Pradesh receives the highest GDP from agriculture in southern India) This reflects a lower industrialization and a low per capita income in the state. The special status would ensure a separate economic package which would have accelerated the economic development of the state.

The other bifurcated half Telangana is already at par with quickly developing states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and many rightly believe that the reason is Hyderabad.

With less than a year left for the 2019 Lok Sabha election, this surely is a big shock for BJP. After BJP and Shivsena, TDP was the third highest contributor to NDA government with 16 MPs. With Shivsena already parting ways with the BJP and now TDP walking out, Things are getting trickier for BJP. The Party’s think tank would have to ponder a thought or two to prepare and rework their strategies and to strengthen their alliance with the regional parties in other states to ensure that there is no further slip-up.













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