Yogi Adityanath with PM Narendra Modi


“Star” BJP politicians seems to have taken Sri. Amitabh bachchan’s words a bit too seriously.  I hope that you got what I am trying to say if in the case you have not understood I am talking about Star campaigning team of BJP which seems to have taken a break out of their respective responsibilities and are taking a vacation out of their busy schedule. Be it any famous BJP name you can think about you will find them in Gujarat united not for a national cause but for the interest of their party.

Be it Prime minister Modi or UP Chief Minister Yogi none seem to have any concerns for the country or state as we are nearing Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election so suddenly it has became an all important state. It might seem valid to many and they might not have much problem but this is not at all done. Nation is and always should be the first priority of each and every citizen and after being given such a huge majority the expectation is always high. Politics should be sidelined at times and it must be ensured that it never disturbs national interests.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah being local stars and so are targeting the largest vote bank of Gujarat i.e. to attract common Gujarati. On the other hand Yogi is brought to attract migrants from UP and Bihar to vote in favour of BJP.  While we have all heard the saying that “Everything is fair in love and war”  and elections in India are no less than a war, Our politicians need to understand the fact that they are elected to serve a purpose and they must continuously keep contributing to nation’s cause.


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