Sonia Gandhi

Things were not at all easy to manage for a 45 year old woman whose biggest fear came true when her husband was assassinated following the assassination of her mother in law, who was killed 7 years ago.  The way she fought after that and cemented her own place among the biggest leaders of the country is something worth praising. Today as she is turning 71 we recall political career of Sonia Gandhi in brief

From a shy Italian girl to the party president of perhaps the oldest political party of the country, from a depressed lady who lost her husband to number 9 in list of world’s most influential woman and number 21 in list of most influential persons. She has seen it all. Many political analysts after demise of Rajeev Gandhi believed that his sudden loss had created a big void in Congress party as Sonia Gandhi still did not had any experience whatsoever of politics till that time.

Many people believed that this incident would trigger the downfall of the congress party. Sonia Gandhi eventually took 6 years but finally decided to step into Indian Politics in 1997 and campaigned heavily for 1998 Lok Sabha elections. Though she campaigned hard, congress lost the 1998 elections. Right after the elections, Sonia Gandhi was elected as the new party president.

Victories in Vidhan Sabha elections of Rajasthan, New Delhi and Madhya Pradesh followed just after she was elected as the president, though her appointment as president made seasoned Congress leaders like Sharad Pawar and PA Sangma to part their ways. She played a major role in tumbling the Vajpayee government by which she announced her entry as an active Indian politician.

She was elected as the Leader of Opposition in 1999 and formed a crux team of the members that included veterans like Pranab Mukherjee and AK Antony. This team was the reason UPA government came back into power. She shocked many when she declined the post of prime minister but she was continuously in active action and is believed to be one of the most influential politician of the country.

Though Congress ruled for two terms but the flurry of scams in its second term led to the downfall of UPA Government. The way Sonia Gandhi’s 19 year career as gone it is expected that she can come up with a new strategy to get Congress back to winning ways.


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