Satyavijayi- One of India’s Fastest Growing News Website

With the advent of opinionated discussion forums peaking to several biased mass movements in the name of revolutions, there has been a need to focus on contravention of misinterpreted ideologies and lies surrounding India on its history, socio-political- economic agendas as well as debunking myths on religion and culture. The mainstream media houses have surpassed the basic duty of news-reporting to being a hypercritical body of select elite individuals who dwell by having opinions on anything under the sun, instigating the viewers beyond rationale.

The time was ripe for the launch of this internet based news website-SatyaVijayi. This news website covers breaking news and articles in politics, central and state governance, social concerns, fake news expose, RTI’s and insights on culture and religion. SatyaVijayi has also voiced popular opinions and open letters and is counted as one amongst the strongest upcoming alternate news medium.

The Aim: –

To instill a feeling of nationalism among the Indian citizens & debunk the misrepresentations by the Mainstream Media Houses using a robust, honest, & transparent force – the Social Media. The Aim to be one of the pioneers in Social Media without any biased reporting.

SatyaVijayi strongly condemns any interpretation of being a politically inclined media house. It firmly believes in providing an ‘alternative and undiluted’ narrative that resonates with the truth and counters the false narrative. The idea is also to work as an antidote to the mainstream media’s venomous attempt to defame Nationalistic approaches and Hinduism ideologies.

The Foundation: –

SatyaVijayi, was founded by Anand P. earlier in March 2015 in the form of a Facebook page. The content of the posts created a much-needed buzz amidst the readers who wanted an unadulterated version of newscast happening around them. Quite soon, the momentum picked up pace and along with couple of like-minded thinkers, this page paved the way for the website launch by November 2015. Arpan became the Editor-In-Chief, while Prakash R took over the website Operations. The website started with mere personal savings and no external influence or funding. To sustain the cost of daily operations, the website is dependent on advertisement revenues.

The Significance: –

There has been an exponential proliferation of fake/biased news in India using social network and blogging websites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tumblr and many more, where half-baked stories, impractical conjectures, morphed images and videos, misleading headlines and outright prejudiced interviews are circulated every moment. Many a times the solution to an issue could be right upfront but the public and authorities are misled and caught up in misconstrued controversies.

SatyaVijayi‘s sole agenda is to dissect through this web of lies and propaganda driven media. Immense amount of research, careful and timely screening of data goes behind this website. Moving against a biased or misreported incident needs to be carefully verified for the data and figures. The Founder Anand P. says, “To be a whistle-blower to the news and media houses, one needs to verify his facts with utmost efforts, responsibility and accuracy that one can deliver. A non-biased, persistent and patient approach is the key”.

The Website: –

Today, the website run by the trio, houses 50+ authors and many guest-authors spanning across India. The website publishes majorly in English and has started new ventures in Kannada and Hindi. Apart from handling the media content, a comprehensive team of Graphic Designers, Video Editors and digital marketing experts are already in place.

SatyaVijayi does not identify with any specific political party, left or right-wing notions. Operations Chief Prakash R points out, “Whenever we handle any breaking news or expose, the team works to break down every part of the information and analyze its authenticity, origin and history of publishing, background of the story. There have been many cases where a local language /dialect needs interpretation, thankfully we are building a very diverse team with different lingual and genre capabilities”.

The Growth: –

  • Over the past three years, SatyaVijayi has emerged as one of India’s Leading Upcoming Media Websites. (Rated on Alexa).
  • With a limited workforce, they have consistently achieved an average of around 2 million hits per month and a consistent 10 Lakh Plus Page Views/Month
  • The website has been visited by more than 4 crore internet users in the last 3 years.
  • SatyaVijayi’s Facebook page alone has an outreach of more than 1.5 Crore per month.
  • They are also growing in the Twitter ecosystem with over 5,500 followers. Some distinguished personalities from various spheres of lives are avid followers.

The Achievements: –

SatyaVijayi has successfully conducted official Interviews with Dr.Gaurav Pradhan (a social media bigwig) followed by Shweta Shalini – official spokesperson, BJP Maharashtra regarding the Farmers issue in the state. It has indulged in several promotional events for the ‘think-tank’ groups on a commercial model, viz. Bharat Niti and Tamil Nadu Young Thinkers Meet (TNYTM).

 SatyaVijayi is gradually building its place as one of the official Media Partners for Virat Hindustan Sangam and AOL. Recently having covered the book release of Uday Mahukar’s – Marching with a Billion which was presided over by Subramanian Swamy.

Editor-In-Chief Arpan Srivastava reflects on some of the crucial fake news exposes conducted by SatyaVijayi, The subjects of our content are presented after a thorough fact-check. While we have a good record of busting several fake newscasts, we also work on providing antecedents and proof to every argument. In case we are unable to do so, we hold back from publishing as we don’t intend to mislead.

Amongst the major groundbreaking exposes covered by SatyaVijayi, there was Jasleen Kaur’s fake harassment allegation against an innocent Delhi youth and the backing of anti- nationalistic forces behind Gurmeher Kaur’s case. SatyaVijayi had also highlighted the other side of the famous Jallikattu Protest which took place in Chennai. SatyaVijayi could resonate for the cultural preservation cause but condemned the Anti-Modi political campaign.

SatyaVijayi is one of the websites who had exposed the Love Jihad propaganda and emphasized it as a serious social concern even before it got the attention of the mainstream media houses. SatyaVijayi’s team was one of the first few media houses to have revealed the so-called hero of the Gorakhpur children deaths calamity – Dr. Kafeel Khan, as the main accused.

Flaws in governance be it center or state, loopholes in administration and public grievances have taken a center stage in our purposes. On the same lines with the generosity of Prafful Sarda, Pune based RTI activist, SatyaVijayi has started a ‘RTI column’ to identify and trace the accountability of power.

SatyaVijayi has been targeted many a times by mainstream media houses and their side-kick websites for having challenged their popular stands and un-nationalistic opinions. “Such incidents work as a driving factor to leap ahead and continue what we are doing”, is what the team concludes.


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