CPI Poster

BJP National spokesperson Sambit Patra took on to Twitter to share the picture of a CPI Poster which had the photo of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un on it. The poster was a notice of meeting of party workers in Nedumkandam on December 16-17.

Sambit also linked it to the reason of mass killing of RSS cadres in the state.

Here is what the BJP Spokesperson said Kim Jong-un finds place in CPM’s posters in Kerala!! No wonder they have converted Kerala into Killing fields for their opponents! Hope the left is not planning to launch missiles at the RSS,BJP offices as their next gruesome agenda!”


The BJP person also said “Kim Jong-Un in Kerala: CPI-M has a poster boy like no other”

There have been many instances of RSS cadres being treated badly in the state. RSS has said that CPM workers are the reason behind this bad treatment of RSS workers in the state.

A 28 year old RSS activist named Nenmini Anand was attacked by a group of unknown men, who eventually beat him to death. This happened around a month back. BJP President Amit Shah had suspected CPM workers behind the incident.

According to BJP chief leaders of the state as many as 51 activists have been killed since 1973. They also told that three BJP activist have been killed since Pinarayi Vijayan came to power in May 2016.

CPM has also accused BJP of spreading a communal rift in the state. CPM released a list of nearly 30 instances in which it claimed that its members were attacked by BJP/RSS Members.


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