Tigr Zinda Hai poster

Indian Movies and controversies – two things which always go hand in hand. Not very long back Padmavati was in the headlines due to the controversy it was causing throughout the nation. The latest movie which got into controversy is the much anticipated Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif movie “Tiger Zinda Hai”.

The strategy this time though is not directly related to film and instead it grew up while Salman was promoting the film on a dance reality show.

In the dance reality show, Salman compared his dancing skills with a Sanitation worker or “bhangi”. The judge of the show, Shilpa Shetty also had a laugh with Salman on his remark.

This remark of Salman agitated the emotions of many people as they started breaking into the cinemas and started damaging them also they tore the posters to stop the morning show of the Salman Khan movie.

The protestors claimed that the actor used a ‘cheap language’ which insulted the Valmiki community. The protest started from Ajmer but now has spread to different parts of the state including the capital city Jaipur.

Republican Party of India has already threatened the star actor in this regard. They threatened to protest outside Salman’s House for hurting their religious sentiments. They have given a one-day ultimatum to Salman to apologise for his remark.

 “Salman Khan has hurt the sentiments of our community. We are giving him the time off today to tender the apology. If he doesn’t then we will agitate against him in Mumbai and will not allow him to roam anywhere in the city,” they said in a statement.


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