Sachin Tendulkar

Former Indian cricket legend and present Rajya Sabha member Sachin Tendulkar was not allowed to speak in the house on Thursday leading adjournment of session for the day. It seems that Congress is keen to get an apology from the Prime Minister for the remark he made over Pakistan connection in Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election.

It was his maiden speech on the floor of the upper house. Important issues like future of sports in the country and were to be discussed in the session. Tendulkar was also expected to long pending issues like coverage of CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) for medal winners and also the incorporation of sports as a part of Curriculum.

As soon as Sachin stood up to address the house, the opposition started raising slogans and he was not even able to speak a single word.

Chairperson of the upper house Venkaiah Naidu asked the Congress MPs to let Sachin speak but they did not listen to him and continued their stubborn behaviour.

“We’re discussing sports and you don’t have the sporting spirit,” Naidu said

BJP MPs expressed their disappointment at the behaviour of opposition.

“He (Sachin Tendulkar) has earned the name for India at the world stage, it is a matter of shame that he was not allowed to speak even when everyone knew it was on today’s agenda. Are only politicians allowed to speak?” BJP MP Jaya Bachchan told ANI

Congress seems to have decided that they will not let the winter session of the parliament until PM presents an apology. The Vice president has already said that PM will not apologize as the comments were not made in parliamentary premises.

It remains to be seen when the Parliament will start functioning properly so that most can be made out of the already shortened winter session of parliament.


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