On July 29th, RSS worker E Rajesh was hacked to death with 40 deep wounds on him with sources saying that they saw him being removed from the streets. After his death was declared by the hospital, the state BJP announced a statewide hartal, protesting against the government of Kerala led by the CPM.

The left – right violence starts by 1948 as it was seen as the beginning of political violence as the left cadres attacked a rally by Gowalkar. The CPM and the RSS have blamed each other for the long drawn bloody brawl or in simpler words, a war between the two sides. The rivers of blood flow from Kannur became an uneasy statement associated with this situation as both sides have quoted stats to prove their side to be the victim in this.

After the death of Rajesh, the CPM state Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan stated this as an incident between two people with a personal issue while the CM, Pinarayi Vijayan shied away from speaking to the media. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, alongside the Governor of Kerala, P Sathasivam sort a common ground with a meeting of chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, BJP state president, Kummanam Rajasekharan and DGP of the state, Lokanath Behera to urge the state to act swiftly against the perpetrators. The meeting also decided to have an all – party meeting on August 6th in Thiruvananthapuram with peace meetings to be held in the districts of Kannur, Kottayam etc. The police have acted swiftly and arrested 8 people connected to his death. There is no denial that strict action has been taken.

But to be very honest, this is the same process which has been seen in the past whenever a political killing has occurred. The RSS alleges that the CPM has a problem with people from all walks of life in a political system. Under the Congress rule, they attacked the Congress cadres and in 2012, they had a similar situation with the India Union Muslim League and now with the BJP and the RSS. The left alleges that the hyper nationalism preached by the ‘Fascist Right wing’ forces (because everything is right for those who oppose them ) is responsible for this. Even centrists who criticize both sides say that while the RSS condemns and act swiftly against any perpetrator from their side, the other side always tries to defend their actions before acting against them.

The disturbing pattern is followed by the silence of the ‘liberals’ ( Award – wapsi, #NotInMyName, Freedom of expression seekers etc). Their screeching voices go silent as soon as a political violence in the hands of the groups who have some similarity with their ideology. While they lead condemnations and protest marches in issues addressing to the Gau Rakshaks and the beef issue, we have yet to see their active role in such situations as well. It’s not a surprise that the so – called Right Wing and the supporters of BJP and the RSS have accused them of hypocrisy.

The cycle of violence would perhaps continue unless a collective conscious effort is made from both sides. But as politics are a veiled way to control people via fear, it could take a long time to happen. For some of us wondering where does this lead to, we hope to see some sort of peace in God’s own country. However, for many people on the ground, perhaps that ship has already sailed.


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