Dear Chetan Bhagat,
I am writing this letter to you in reference to your recent article published in a so called “reputed” daily newspaper in which you raised questions over why we are wasting so much money over our retired army officers!! Let me tell you certain facts and yes I am not writing it with heart but with my mind.

PBOR in army are selected normally at the age of 16 or 17 years and they retire at the age of 35. 35 is an age when you have a family and the actual education of your children just starts. You have to see that all their expenses are met and at the same time you have to run your family and in many cases search for a job.

Watch around your posh locality sir, from your apartment security guard to the ATM guard, they are everywhere. They can’t judge a dance reality show like you did and so it becomes difficult for them to make all their ends meet.

Now comes the burden on the government. Thank you for raising this point. Have you heard of brain drain? Selfish people like you are the perfect example of that sir.

Govt spent 20 lakhs for your IIT degree and 24 lakhs for your IIM degree and then you packed your bags and went to work in some bank outside the country. There are many like you who are just wasting the tax payer’s money.

Army never teaches you to complain about anything. Imagine the Longewala war in which army defeated the enemies even without proper backing. They had the choice to march back but they choose to fight so that people like you can write some love stories in their AC rooms and the sell it and earn money.

Army never believes in taking credit of anything. When they go on the field to fight the enemies, they know that if they win, most of them won’t even be the part of the victory celebration.

I guess you are the same person who made all the noises when proper credit of the story of 3 Idiots was not given to you? You know why you did that? Because you believe in show off and army doesn’t. Because you are too materialistic and and have greed for money.

It is useless to convince people like you but my only point is that if you have got a platform to write, don’t write any rubbish thing which comes to your mind.

Thank You.
Rahul Tripathi


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