A few photographs of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan during the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony held a few months back had surfaced online. Even a video (with no audio) was doing the rounds on the internet that showed the two supposedly having an intense conversation. This set tongues wagging back home and soon rumor mills started to churn speculations one after the other.

And now, the two were reportedly spotted together again! Yes, you read that right. Mahira and Ranbir were in New York City recently. Photos of the two have emerged on Instagram. But we cannot vouch for the authenticity of these photographs.

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is being trolled by haters on the social media, all thanks to her viral pictures with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor that has been taking the Internet by storm lately.

In the viral images, the sensational duo can be seen chilling on the streets of NYC. If the photographs are to be judged, we can say that both the stars share a very candid rapport and informal chemistry. But, apparently, some Twitter users are not amused by the same.

The entire online world witnessed a flutter once private pictures of Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistani beauty Mahira Khan found its way on the internet.

People had diverse opinions after checking out the viral pictures of the two stars together. Both Ranbir and Mahira can be seen chilling in NYC and smoking a cigarette. This attracted many eyeballs where some liked this new pairing while others slammed them.

But the most important comment came from senior Kapoor. When asked about the leaked pictures of Ranbir and Mahira, Rishi Kapoor told Hindustan Times, “I have also seen the picture this morning itself. It doesn’t concern me, so please keep me out. Ask the one who is there in the picture.”

He has been quoted as saying, “I only saw them on Twitter, not on Instagram or Facebook, because I am only on Twitter. It’s not that I saw these pictures before or I know anything about this already. You see, Ranbir is a young star, he is unmarried, he’s a bachelor. He can meet anybody whoever he wants to, and if people are going to invade his privacy, it’s not done. And I can’t say anything about all this because he’s a young man and he has the choice of meeting any girl.”

Adding, “How do we know that here’s something more to this picture? He could have met her just outside there. They must have been in a restaurant or a place where they cannot smoke, that’s why they are smoking outside. In the US, they have really strict rules that don’t allow smoking in public places. I can’t say anything more because I don’t know anything more than that.”


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