And when everyone has started wondering how low one could sink under the veil of religion, the news of the self-proclaimed Godman and the rape convict Ram Rahim Singh trying to escape from the Panchkula Court started surfacing.

Soon after he was declared guilty by a court in Panchkula on Friday, Ram Rahim demanded a “red bag” that he had brought from Sirsa, the main base of his Dera Sacha Sauda sect.

“The Dera chief demanded the bag, saying his clothes were in it. It was actually a signal for his men to spread the news of his conviction among supporters so that they could resort to causing disturbance,” Inspector General of Police KK Rao told reporters yesterday.

Ram Rahim had briefed his men before leaving for the court, telling them that if they saw a red bag being taken out of the car, that would mean he was convicted – and his supporters should use violence as a distraction to rescue him from the police, Rao said.

Rao also confirmed that this was the same red bag which Deputy Attorney General Gurdas Singh Salwara was seen carrying in a video. The very next day, 26 August, he was sacked by the Haryana Government.

But, the cunningness of the rapist failed to overpower the street-smart policemen who were witty enough to opt for a new vehicle and a new route to outplay the Baba and his blind supporters.

“Rather than taking baba in his car till the chopper as planned, we decided to take him in DCP Crime’s car instead. We formed a human chain to take him till the car. That’s where our struggle began”- Rao was quoted saying.

Had it not been for the intelligence of the policemen, India would have witnessed another major outrage and that would have resulted in the loss of more lives and property.

Having witnessed the true face of yet another ‘godman’, it’s high time people should realize that not everyone dressed in saffron is a ‘Messenger of God’ and should let rational thinking dawn upon them.


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