Shivsena leader Uddhav Thackeray

Newly appointed Congress President, Rahul Gandhi termed his party’s performance in Gujarat as a ‘good result’ and claimed it as a ‘moral victory’. Rahul Gandhi said that BJP ran out of new issues and matters while campaigning. Even old BJP ally Shivsena targeted the former

“Prime Minister Modi has a credibility problem as even people in Gujarat do not believe in the Gujarat model,” said Rahul Gandhi

“The BJP is very good at packaging and marketing, but the idea itself is hollow inside. The BJP’s propaganda has failed and the party could not answer the Congress’ campaign. They have gotten a big jolt,” he said.

Rahul also tried to attack BJP on corruption grounds “The prime minister and BJP have remained silent on corruption. They have not said a word on the Jay Shah case or on the Rafale deal,” 

Congress president also said that he will defeat the anger of the ruling party with love. Rahul accepted defeats in both the states and congratulated BJP for their victory in both the states.

BJP’s old ally Shivsena’s president showered heaps of praise on Rahul Gandhi after the result.

“Rahul Gandhi has accepted the responsibility as Congress president at a crucial stage. There should be no objection in wishing him all the best,” said Shivsena’s president, Uddhav Thackeray.

Shivsena’s editorial newspaper Maratha Daily also criticized the Modi government  “Are those who think that nothing happened in the previous 60 years and that India progressed only in the last three years, humans or epitome of foolishness?”

“Who knows, a new history may be put forth that India gained Independence only in the last one year and that the Independence struggle of 150 years was a lie,” Shivsena said


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