Rahul Gandhi

 The “Yuvraj” of Indian politics is finally here. Yes, the next big thing in Indian politics(According to fellow party mates) who has now completed almost one and a half decade in Indian politics has finally taken the centre stage. “Young” Rahul Gandhi has finally decided to lead from the front for now “Old” Congress party. Rahul Gandhi who is claimed to be the “future” of Congress party in coming years is finally set to take over as 49th congress president.

An interesting fact related to Rahul Gandhi is that he has the largest experience as a member of parliament among all those who have led Congress before him. Rahul Gandhi being the president of the congress party is something which has always been overhyped ever since he started his political career. However, something that seems absurd is the timing of the decision. The long “awaited” decision was taken in the midst of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha election tussle, where Congress is already facing a very tough competition from BJP. Congress in their campaigning have looked very confused that is they don’t seem to have any fixed strategy and then focusing on their own internal election is not at all sensible. Well, it is a topic of discussion for some other day.

Matter of concern here is can Rahul Gandhi really lead or it is a move taken just to continue Gandhi family’s legacy in Congress. Looking at the rather befuddled political career of Rahul Gandhi the latter seems more likely. For congress’s good, they should have a fixed strategy if they want to stick with Rahul Gandhi. One positive that Congress can take out is that Rahul Gandhi is looking like version 2.0 of himself. He is looking a lot more energetic than ever before and that is a good sign for Congress. Let us hope that this is a good sign and best of Rahul Gandhi is yet to come.


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