In a strange turn of events, ‘Rahul Gandhi missing’ posters have been doing the rounds in Amethi.

Dozens of posters describing local MP and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi as “missing” have come up in his Amethi parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh.
People of Amethi have been waiting for months for Rahul Gandhi, their MP, to visit his constituency. They have even put up a number of requests to him and his representatives to come to the area and monitor its plight but to no avail.

After all the requesting and waiting, people of Amethi have adopted a unique and innovative way to know the whereabouts of their MP and have him visit the district. “Missing” posters of Rahul Gandhi have been put up in Amethi and through the posters, an announcement has been made that the person who finds him will be rewarded appropriately.

The posters that were put up on Sunday continued to be the center of attention among people of Amethi on Monday. Among other places, these posters have also been placed in front of Congress’s office in Amethi.

The poster says, “The honorable Member of Parliament from Amethi is from the district. Due to this, the development works that are to be carried out by the MP are held up in his office. His behavior is making the common people feel cheated and insulted. Whosoever gives any information about him in Amethi will be rewarded appropriately”.

It has to be noted that Gandhi has not visited his parliamentary constituency for six months now, leading to anger and disappointment among the voters.

While Congress workers in the district accuse the Bharatiya Janata Party and other political opponents for the sudden coming up of the posters, mostly in Gowriganj area; many rue that Gandhi has lost interest in Amethi after the humiliating state assembly poll defeat in March.





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