Senior Congress leader B. Janardhana Poojary has sought the resignation of  Chief Minister Siddaramaiah as the latter has “failed to take steps to address the drought situation.”

Mr Poojary said, “Wake up from the slumber and tender your resignation” to Siddaramaiah and asked him to take note of the fact that BJP chief Amit Shah had come to the State to unseat him. He added, “Wherever Mr Shah has toured, the ruling party’s Chief Minister has been unseated.” His visit was a matter of concern for the Congress and Siddaramaiah.

He said that Siddaramaiah should pave way for a Dalit leader or D.K Shivakumar to become the Chief Minister. The party has a good opinion of Mr Shivakumar, who has stood by the party during difficult times.

He believes that Mr Shivakumar will become the CM in the coming days as both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have appreciated him and his work.

He also said the ongoing investigations by the Income Tax Department on the assets of Shivakumar will not come in the way of his becoming the Chief Minister.

In a similar case, in 2016, Poojary had asked Mr Siddaramaiah to resign. Speaking to reporters in Mangaluru, Poojary had said, “Siddaramaiah is trying to protect Bengaluru development minister K J George. Siddaramaiah has been sacrificing the interests of Congress, which brought Independence to the nation, just to protect one leader. He has no moral right to continue as the chief minister.”

It is clear that this is not the first time that he has wanted Siddaramaiah to resign.


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