Sitting in the room, sipping coffee out of the cup and discussing about GST, Demonitisation, attacks on fellow Indians and many other things. That is what we are doing these days. Criticising the government for some of its decisions and also praising the same at a few times. That’s how we generally spend our time. But we are continuously missing out on one thing. A fight Mr. Modi is fighting alone for his countrymen.

Quite recently there was a news regarding premature retirement of a few IPS officers for their non-performance. Three months ago, cracking the whip on non-performing officials, the government for the first time prematurely retired 33 tax officers which included seven Group ‘A’ officers. The government said 72 officers had been dismissed in other departmental/disciplinary actions in the last two years.

That’s how Mr. Modi is working these days. He has launched a chilly attack against the inefficient bureaucracy. He is fighting against ‘babudom’. A few months ago, the government started an online performance assessment system for bureaucrats, which can be a very effective tool to track performance. Online Probity Management System will help various ministries assess the integrity and performance levels of officers.

The government is using a unique system—Sparrow (Smart performance appraisal report recording online window)—to make the entire appraisal system online and accessible for review by the ministries concerned. The DoPT has recently extended ‘Sparrow’ from just the IAS cadre to 13 cadres, including the central secretariat services.

‘Solve’ is another DoPT system through which check is being kept upon bureaucrats. Government is implementing these through the latest technologies available in the market such as cloud technology.

If such hard work of Mr. Modi keeps on going then that day is not far away when India would shed all the lazy bureaucrats and would move on swiftly and be a global leader.


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