A day after the former Union Minister P. Chidambaram backed greater autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi lashed out at him and Congress thereby, launching a blistering attack on the party.

Modi remarked that such statements are an insult to the brave soldiers of the country. “Why are Congress leaders lending their voice to those who want Azadi in Kashmir. This is an insult to our brave soldiers,” Modi said while addressing a gathering in Bengaluru.

He slammed Congress saying that the mindsets of Congress leaders on Kashmir explain why they had problems even with surgical strikes.

“Do you remember the lies Congress was spreading on Doka La. People of India trusted them so much but such is their conduct. Congress is disconnected with the aspirations of our country,” he added attacking Congress over the comments from the former Union Minister.

Praising the Indian Army, Modi cited an example of Doka La and said, “The entire world saw what happened in the Doka La issue. No matter how powerful China was, India’s perseverance and persistence saw it through.”

Earlier, Mr. Chidambaram at Rajkot, in an interaction session with businessmen and intellectuals said- “My interactions in Jammu and Kashmir led me to the conclusion that when they ask for azaadi (independence), most people — I am not saying all — overwhelming majority want autonomy.”

This statement was bound to raise some eyebrows and hence, even the Congress decided to distance itself from the statements of its senior minister.

“While individual have different personal opinions, Indian National Congress believes that the solution for lasting peace and prosperity for Jammu and Kashmir lies solely within the framework of the Constitution,” said a statement issued by Randeep Surjewala, head of the party’s communication wing.

-with inputs from the Indian Express


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