I love Social Media. The internet is filled with funny people waiting for someone to capture eminent personalities in awkward moments only to make fun of them.

And the latest target of these people was our Indian cricket team captain – Virat Kohli.

During one of the IPL matches, a picture of Virat Kohli was captured looking at the paper kept on Archana Vijay’s legs.

This time neither Kohli nor Sharma were needed as Twitter users came out to bat for the couple and hit DNA for a six. Many users called out this style of journalism by calling it “cheap” and they also pointed out that Virat Kohli was not “gazing at the anchor’s ripped jeans” but was reading the content off a card held by the anchor over her legs:

DNA was the first one to report the image while stating it would ‘not please his girlfriend Anusha Sharma’, the fun began under the hashtag #DNAReporting.
Have a look:

But clearly, the internet didn’t want to look at it that way and needed to add some spice to their lives. Therefore, people soon started cracking jokes about how Virat is too busy staring at Archana’s legs. And then Tweeple just played along. The fun began under the hashtag #DNAReporting.

Hilarious, isn’t it?
If you were to caption that image, what would you say? Let us know in the comments below.


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