Built for a fortune of Rs 85 crore, the National University of Study and Research in Law (NUSRL) is supposed to be a model institution that teaches students about human dignity and justice. But, ironically, the imposing edifice in Kanke, Ranchi, chooses to ignore everything even a basic disability right. Swati Swara a differently able  PhD scholar reacted on why she chose to study at NUSRL.

She stated that”Ranchi is her home town ….besides when she took admission she had no idea that a good institution would lack in basic infrastructure she also added that she had once visited Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law in Patiala,where  9 students like her had no complaints about the basic infrastructure for differently able students”.

NUSRL is the most expensive NLU in the country, a student pays approximately 1,90,000/- for two semesters, yet the facilities, academic and non-academic alike fall despicably short of appropriate standards, the administration teems with nepotism, neglect and shows negligible concern for actual welfare and Development of the institution.Apart from the vice chancellor, there is no faculty holding the rank of Professor, the campus lacks all weather roads. The internet facilities provided are reminiscent of stone age, the mess food, apart from lacking taste and nutrition is cooked in the most unhygienic manner.

The sewage drains are uncovered, the campus is infested with approximately 50 stray dogs.

Mosquitoes, snakes and rodents roam in the campus freely. The administrative block stands deserted till as late as 12 noon, with the office bearers including the vice-chancellor turning up stylishly late.

There is a biometric attendance recorder for the fourth grade staff, logic should elude everyone, on why the same practice is not followed for teaching and other non-teaching staff.

The answer scripts are evaluated with the name of the student displayed on the scripts and not by the coding method all the world uses.

Teaching staff, apart from being incompetent to do justice to their allotted subjects have taken up Ph.D courses in the university, often citing the same workload to skip classes.

Some teaching faculty also hold administrative posts (Dean Student Welfare, Registrar, Dean Academics and Controller of Examination), cite administrative workload for not doing justice to the subject and cite academic workload when asked about administrative shortcomings.

The University uses every means possible to collect fines from students, almost giving the future lawyers of the country an illusion that your pocket can bail you out of any misdemeanour.

If one looks at the appointments (academic and non-academic alike) one can clearly comprehend that people belonging to certain Regions have always been given preference in this institute.

Whoever has the authority of appointment makes good measure to fill the vacancies with their kith and kin.

One fails to attach any logic behind the appointment of a native of Varanasi as the Caretaker of the Boy’s Hall of residence, who ironically lives outside the premises of the University, is available only from 10 AM to 5 PM, a time period when most of the residents of the Hostels are or are supposed to be in the academic block.

As its said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” the students of the University have now come the roads  and have started revolting against the system .They have blocked the main gate of the University,they are not allowing the classes to function,they want their demands to be fulfilled this time.They want to directly discuss this issue with the Chief Minister of the state and also demand the resignation of the Vice Chancellor.

The students of University have also chosen Twitter and Facebook as a medium to voice their cry and gain attention.They are also asking people to join them and sign the petition for the same.

The Full Petition is here

The Vice chancellor of the institution has also released a notice for students and has asked them to refrain from activities which are harmful for the university .

He also made it clear that the actions would be taken against the students indulged in these activities .The V.C. has clearly indicated the students that they would be punished for their protest and revolt ,where  as, it is a matter of fact that the steps taken by the students are very obvious and are not at all against the interest of University.The protest is actually the result of mismanagement of the system running  in the University.For such a pathetic situation of the University no one but the head of the institution is responsible. Such a notice from Vice chancellor’s end clearly states the dictatorship rule in the institution.The Vice chancellor very absurdly  stated the media that

1} “अब कॉलेज बंद करने के अलावा हमारे पास कोई उपाय नहीं है। ”
2}”इन्हें अधिकार नहीं छुट्टी चाहिए।”
3}”अनुशासनहिन छात्र ही बंद करवा रहे हैं।”

The students of the University have thanked the V.C. publicly on social media for his gracious statements.The students have made Facebook page for spreading their message loud and clear to the whole nation.”Voice_of_NUSRL“-The facebook page.

The students of the university broadly demand :-

All stakeholders, including the students, the State Government, the High Court and the University administration with the consensus of all strive to fulfill the following demands:-

1. Complete Administrative overhaul, including the resignation or removal of Vice-Chancellor and Registrar from their posts owing to gross negligence, mismanagement and allegation of corruption.

An experienced and competent administrator be appointed on a temporary basis till an able Vice-Chancellor and Registrar is appointed with the consensus of all stakeholders.

2. Being an Autonomous University, created by the Act of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, the financial records of the University be audited by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India or any other unbiased external authority.

3. The annual Audit reports of the Accounts of the University, which is to be prepared by it under Sections 24 (ii) and (iii) of NUSRL Act, 2010, should be immediately published.

4. Release of funds by the State Government for the payment of dues to the Central Public Works Department and the completion of the proposed master plan of the University under Entry 23(1) (a) in Schedule of NUSRL Act, 2010.

5. A Review Commission be appointed by the Chancellor of the University as under Section 23(1) of the NUSRL Act, 2010.


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