Nitish challenges Sharad to break Janata Dal at his might

Janata Dal (United) President and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in the national executive meeting on Saturday dared the ‘rebel’ Sharad Yadav to break the party if he had a two-thirds majority.

“We have 71 MLAs, 30 MLCs, besides two MPs in the Lok Sabha. Sharad ji, if you have guts and courage, please try to split the party. Not one MLA or MLC is with you. And the one MP who is with you (in reference to rebel Rajya Sabha MP Ali Anwar), please remind him that he went to the Upper House with the support of BJP MLAs in 2012. If you dare to split the party, you will lose even your membership because you know you don’t have the two-thirds majority to effect a split,” attacked Nitish indirectly hinting at Yadav.

He even reminded Sharad Yadav of how he got his seat in Rajya Sabha by BJP’s help though he lost the 2004 Lok Sabha polls.

Earlier on Saturday JD(U) passed the resolution to join NDA in the meeting which was attended by all the party MLAs, including from the Seemanchal region from where Sharad represented Madhepura in the Lok Sabha four times before becoming the JD(U) Rajya Sabha member in 2014.

This came as a reaction to Sharad Yadav holding a ‘Jan Adalat’ program against Kumar joining hands with NDA. He said, “You want to break the JD(U) at the strength of those hooligans who created unruly scenes in front of my residence today.’’, referring to the RJD supporters who tried to break into the Chief Minister’s residence armed with sticks and belts shouting slogans.

Further explaining his reasons for the walk-out Nitish said, “One person said ‘I am the CM of circumstances and have no political base’. It had virtually become difficult to run the alliance government in such circumstances,”. Adding further, Nitish replied to three prominent people in Bihar’s political scenario Lalu, Tejashvi and (without naming) Mohamed Shahabuddin’s above made comments by saying “It was most embarrassing for me when a person sitting with me in the meeting said ‘I will continue to remain the CM’ as if I was the CM at his mercy.”

He maintained that the reason was majorly the alliance’s involvement in corruption, gundaraj and making undisclosed land deals.

The JD(U) as of now has not taken any disciplinary action against Sharad Yadav for openly dissing the party President. “Sharad ji a senior member. He is free to air his grievances at the party forum. But if he attends Lalu’s proposed rally on August 27, he will be crossing Laxman rekha, and may then eventually invite disciplinary action,” said JD (U) secretary general KC Tyagi.

What’s to be noted next is whether the original Janta Dal now divided into five parties will have a sixth segment?


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