Nathuram Godse idol

Mahatma Gandhi who is fondly called as the father of Nation was believed to be loved by almost all which is only the half side of story and sort of misleading. His thoughts were very different and his principles of satya and ahimsa did not please many. Same was the case with Nathuram Godse, He was not able to digest the reason of partition and was furious at the role of Mahatma Gandhi and the congress party. He believed that they could have acted smartly to tackle all the riots post partition. After assassination of Gandhi Nathuram Godse was a name on everyone’s mouth.

He became an overnight villain in front of the Indians, but not every Indian had similar thoughts. He had a fair share of his own supporters. Not everyone agreed with the Gandhian way of dealing with things. In recent turn of events this is evidently visible as we see setting up of temple of Nathuram Godse in Gwalior. Hindu Mahasabha has installed an idol of Nathuram Godse in their office.

Organizations like UPNNS(Uttar Pradesh Nav Nirman Sena) have announced that they won’t let anyone build any such temple but it remains to be seen if they can really manage. Even Congress opposed Hindu Mahasabha and asked for a strict action to be taken against Hindu Mahasabha. As an Indian citizen there is nothing wrong in expressing the feelings as long as it is not bringing any kind of harm to nation or national integrity but at the end of the day actions must be both ethically correct and should not do any loss to national honor.                            


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