Samajwadi Party leader Mavia Ali has just reignited the spark regarding the raging debate over Uttar Pradesh government’s controversial circular asking madrasas across the state to celebrate Independence Day and record a video of the event.

Mavia Ali criticized the notice by UP’s Government notice regarding holding celebrations on August 15 in madrasas and termed it as ‘Anti-Islamic’.

To quote Ali, “We are not ready to abide by the instructions given by the UP government. I want to reinstate that we are Muslims first and Indians next. If any situation leads to a rift with Islam then, we will not stand by the Constitution. We would stand by Islam.”

Earlier, it was UP Minority Welfare Minister, Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary, who released a statement on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh government directing all madrassas in the state to hold celebrations on Independence Day and videograph the event.

Chaudhary’s junior Baldev Aulakh intensified the situation by issuing a warning of action against madrassas which do not follow the order.

Minister of State for minority welfare, Aulakh said, “We have asked for videography of all programmes. We can check at random as to which madrassa has celebrated it or not”.

“If any madrassa does not celebrate it, action will be taken against it,” he added.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board member, Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahli was quick to hit back as he questioned the motive behind the directive.

“If it is only in madrassas, does it mean that our patriotism is being suspected?” he remarked.

However, Chaudhary defended the move by mentioning that the celebrations will inspire students and they will learn more about the contribution of the freedom fighters.


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