Buckle up, people. No, really, buckle up. Start habituating yourself to following traffic rules– start from the basic ones like wearing helmets, no tripling, no jumping signals, etc.- because once the new provisions put forward by the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2016 will be set in motion, you will regret taking them lightly or not knowing them.

Mug up the amount of penalties that will be levied on the traffic offences you think are too small to even consider. The former penalties will be increased ten fold in most offences. The Cabinet had approved the amendments to the existing Motor Vehicle Act in August this year and we’re not far from being faced by the atrocious, yet necessary, new rules.

This step has been taken to ensure reduction in the number of road accidents and fatalities, which currently stand at 5 lakh and 1.5 lakh respectively, by 50 percent. The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill lays down considerable compensation in offences like ‘not providing way to emergency vehicles’ which will be chargeable with ₹10,000 and ‘overloading of passengers’ with ₹1000 on each extra passenger.

The following are the new rates of traffic offences’ penalties which will cause significantly bigger holes in the offenders’ pockets than before.

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Good. It’s high time we behave like what we call ourselves- CIVILIZED. And chill, you have time to prepare yourselves because these new rules haven’t been implemented yet.


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