According to the reports, a minor girl was assaulted by a man in Mumbai’s Nehru Nagar locality on 17 October while none of the bystanders dared to come to the rescue and merely stood there watching the entire incident.

The CCTV camera captured the entire incident, wherein, the victim was seen being repeatedly hit for asking the accused and his friends not to indulge in loud arguments.

According to a police official, the incident took place near SRA Building in Shramjeevi Nagar, Chembur at around 7 pm, when the victim was going to her class with a friend.

“The accused hit her on the nose with a metal object, after which she collapsed on the ground, with her nose bleeding profusely,” he said.

Congress leader Sanjay Jha was shocked at the turn of events and said, “As someone who lives in Mumbai, this is so unlike the city. It is shocking and disturbing to me. Maybe we are witnessing the changing face of Mumbai. Something is significantly going wrong.”

However, it was BJP spokesperson Shaina NC who highlighted the responsibility of a bystander and emphasized on the need to change the mindset.

“We have certain social responsibilities as a bystander. I am not absolving the administration of providing security. It is also a matter of mindset and that needs to change. However, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has assured the women of Mumbai that the perpetrators will be caught and brought to justice,” she said.

The accused will be soon punished but will it solve the entire problem? Wasn’t it our moral responsibility as a bystander to interfere and stop the injustice? We always talk about the increasing intolerance, why can’t we display the same intolerance where it’s required?

The incident took place on 17 October, two days prior to the auspicious day of Diwali. While we were gearing up for the brightest day of the year, Humanity noticed one of its darkest days. While we geared up to worship a woman, we failed to provide safety to another woman.

Instead of lighting a candle after any such incident, let’s bring out that fire when we witness any such incident from henceforth.


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