Manishankar Aiyar

 Politics can be compared to a mud pool where politicians do not hesitate to jump into and try every possible thing in order to show the other competitors inferior and that is why politics is considered to be a not so clean affair.  

Manishankar Aiyar a name that you might have heard many a times, a name linked with hundreds of controversies, who has been in the glare of publicity for all the wrong reasons was finally sacked from Congress party owing to his ‘Neech’ remark on PM Narendra Modi. Congress took pride in appreciating them announcing sacking of Mr. Aiyar as a perfect example of “Gandhian Leadership”. Prime Minister is the one among the highest statured citizens of a country and deserves all the respect for that.

Though Aiyar was finally sacked, this is not the first time when a controversy related to Mani Shankar Aiyar took such a big shape. This is not the first time when he made a disgusting remark on Narendra Modi. His ‘chaiwala’ remark was another such disappointing statement on Narendra Modi just before the 2014 Lok Sabha election. These statement only hurts the party’s goodwill.  

At the alumni meet of St Stephen’s college Veteran Congress leader K Natwar Singh wrote in the visitor’s book “I am what I am because of St. Stephen’s” Aiyar just added one more statement to the note ”Why blame the college”.

The list of the controversies is huge, his track record proves that he is not able to remain too far from such disputes. This move by congress should have been taken a long time back but congress have had quite a few such names which always have been in the news for their wrangling statements. This hurts the party as it creates a sense of insecurity among the voters and hurts party’s credibility.         


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