Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodiya

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Manish Sisodiya  was awarded ‘Finest Education Minister’ on Monday by Ex President Pranab Mukherjee. Sisodiya was presented the award at a national convention on education on Monday, The Fifth Estate which was organized by an educational think tank.

Sisodia said that he is honored to receive the award from Ex President Pranab Mukherjee on latter’s birthday. He tweeted I wish many, many happy returns of the day to him”

AAP Government in Delhi has always emphasized on a better education system. In 2015 Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections AAP projected education as an electoral matter and Delhi people were able to relate themselves to the issues, AAP talked about, which reflected clearly in the final result.

Delhi Government’s performance has been clinical in the Education sector. They have focused on bringing reforms in the Education System. The best reform that they have brought is that they have tried to change the perception about Government schools and have been successful to some extent.

For instance, this year Delhi Government school outperformed the private schools and gave a better overall result. For the first time in a government school in India, Astroturf was introduced. As the education minister Manish Sisodiya has brought a significant number of such changes.

Manish Sisodiya has been on surprise regular visits to the schools which has ensured the active working of the schools. Not only government schools have shown a rapid progress, Private schools have also been under the scanner of Delhi government for unjustified fee hikes. As a result government has been able to control the way private schools used to charge heavy fees for no particular reason.

The way Manish Sisodiya has worked, this award is completely justified and it will be great if he keeps working with same enthusiasm to bring more changes in education system of Delhi. Also this progress can act as inspiration for other states which are in dire need of changes in their education system.


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