Delhi LG Anil Baijal

The Aam Aadmi Party government seems to have a never-ending conflict with the lieutenant governor Anil Baijal of Delhi.  There has been a number of disagreements between the two since the Arvind Kejriwal Government came to power in 2015. Recently Lt Governor has sent back to Delhi government a proposal for doorstep delivery of services asking the government to reconsider the proposal. After the LG asked for reconsideration Deputy CM Manish Sisodia called it a ‘major setback’ to noble cause of Delhi government

The proposal was related to doorstep delivery of 40 public services.

The proposal was accepted by Delhi Government in the last month and after that, it was sent to LG for his final approval.

“L-G rejects the proposal of doorstep delivery of 40 govt services like caste-birth-address certificates, licences, social welfare schemes, pensions, registrations…etc. “LG sends it back for reconsideration. LG says digitisation of services enough. No need for doorstep delivery (sic),” Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said

After the tweet by Manish Sisodiya LG clarified and said “The proposal for doorstep services not rejected. Only advised to reconsider the proposal and suggested an alternate model.” 

LG Office said that the proposal had a lot of safety implications and also had problems like loss of documents, security of women and senior citizens and also the addition of expenditure.

As expected the rejection of the proposal is already triggering a word war between the Delhi government and the LG.

Manish Sisodia tweeted that  “Should LG have the power to express the difference of opinion with elected govt on such critical matters of public interest n be able to scuttle such measures? Public hugely suffering because of that,”

While LG Office says that aim to reconsider the model so that it can provide all the services digitally.


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