Weddings in India have always been a costly affair where families on both sides flaunt their wealth. Right from the decorations worth lakhs of rupees to never-ending menu, marriages have become burden for many. But what this businessman from Aurangabad did on his daughter’s wedding will make you rethink whether all the buzz is worth it.

Manoj Munot had saved up all his life for her daughter’s wedding and when the time came he had some Rs 70-80 lakh as the budget. Instead of going the Janardhan Reddy way, who spent an unbelievable sum of Rs 500 crore to marry off her daughter, Munot decided to do something noble which made a difference to people’s life.

According to ANI, as the marriage dates approached Munot decided not to squander away the money on a one or two day event and rather use the funds for a humanitarian cause which can help people for a long-run.

He got 90 houses built for homeless people and donated them. Daughter Shreya is equally happy with her father’s move and says, “I feel like now I have so many blessings to count on my big day. I am very happy with this noble act.”

Munot says that it is the duty of the rich to do something for the society. “I hope that the same is adopted by the other rich community.”

Shab Ali Shaikh, one of the beneficiaries of Munot’s move, is happy that now she and her family will not have to deal with the problems of accessing even the basic needs like water and electricity, as reported by Quint.

Do you think this trend will get popular among the upper class? Do let us know in the comments section.


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