Sunil Deodhar truly deserves all the applause for BJP's victory in Tripura

BJP a party which was always believed to be efficient in the Northern and Western part of the country a couple of years back is now turning the old notion. With Governments in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam and now a thumping victory in the Tripura Vidhan Sabha elections, BJP is no more the same party which was rooted strongly only in a particular region of the country. From no seat in 2013 Vidhan Sabha elections to 35 in 2018, the recovery was no mere cake walk and speaks volume of the well planned and perfectly executed strategy. The Man who has been rigorously working on the same is a Maharashtra based politician Sunil Deodhar.

The ground responsibilities for BJP in Tripura were assigned to the active RSS member back in 2014. His work as the campaign manager to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the high profile Varanasi constituency and as an RSS pracharak in Meghalaya for 8 years in the 1990s manifested his effectiveness and it was the probable reason why Deodhar was handed the tough responsibility of party’s renaissance in North Eastern state and especially Tripura.

Undoubtedly, the Man of the moment for BJP, Sunil Deodhar started his journey as a social worker before joining RSS and being promoted as Pracharak in 1991.

Sunil Deodhar was handed over the command from the scratch. When he was handed over the state of Tripura, it seemed an onerous task as in the 2013 Vidhan Sabha elections vote share of BJP was a meagre 1.5% with only a lone BJP candidate(out of 50) being able to save his security deposit. The fact that the prevailing government had been ruling in the state for 25 long years made life even more difficult for BJP.

He took up to this strenuous task and worked conscientiously before BJP cruised to an emphatic victory. This win did not come easy for either BJP or Deodhar, the active RSS member worked day and night spending over 500 days in the state acculturating to the food habits and learning the Kokborok language which is the medium of communication among the masses in the state. BJP also succeeded in addressing their first priority as they won all 20 ST reserved seats in the state.

Deodhar has always focused on working consistently on the assigned duties without really hogging any sort of limelight. Now a naturalized Tripuri, Deodhar has been continuously working for the social cause. His NGO My Home India is an organization that helps underprivileged north east students across the country.

Sunil Deodhar ensured that senior party leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Party President Amit Shah and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made frequent visits to the state in order to strengthen party’s hold on the public.

The win demonstrated a perfect example of smooth execution of a well worked out plan. To reach the masses party workers formed a formidable structure under the leadership of Sunil Deodhar. To shape the elections and address the common people, 50 odd flats were rented and BJP volunteers were brought in from all over the country. Deodhar’s sheer persuasion got the best out of these volunteers as they worked enthusiastically and scripted the historic victory for the party in a state where it even did not have a proper recognition.

The Congress leader that joined BJP played an integral part in BJP’s victorious campaign. Each Congress leader that was brought in to BJP came in with a built base of 3000-4000 people, what it essentially meant was BJP had already created a pretty strong base.

To ensure a big boost in the public reach and match the might of CPM cadres, Party assigned a Panna pramukh whose duty was to go to each household and spread the party’s message. These workers ensured that they reach out to every single voter mentioned in the voter list.

With Vidhan Sabha elections for powerful states like Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka lined up in less than a year time, it will be interesting to see BJP’s approach. With the good performance in almost every state, It seems that BJP has all the necessary bases completed for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections which essentially means that the opposition will have to come up with something special to give BJP a run for their money and put their victory streak to an end.













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