We present before you two of India’s most talented politicians/comedians – Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Bannerjee. Both of them are trying to corner the Prime Minister. Sounds funny even to read, no?

RaGa sees demonetization as a sign of definite and more shameful defeat in 2019 elections and even possible a complete rout of INC in Indian States with no state left to rule!

Mamata came back to power only because she offered protection to the Hawala Hub of India, in Kolkata.

Both of them have reasons to hate PM Modi but they know well that they are but tiny pebbles in front of a mountain.

This is precisely the reason why both of them were spotted sleeping when the other one was speaking at the press conference. Don’t believe us? Let’s check out the pictures!

Case 1:
Mamata Speaking against PM Modi and Rahul Sleeping Through it. 

Case 2:
Pappu Speaking against PM Modi and Mamata Sleeping Through it.


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