We have finally been fortunate enough to witness the B2B and C2C nature of business enterprises, which has made everything easy like downloading a song off the net but yet, there’s some colossal revolutionary of an idea constantly being sought to make the Easy, well you know! Easier.After facing problems with shopping online and degradation in the quality of products received, these youngsters decided to take the matter into their hands and created an app to solve this problem of online shopping, giving people the best shopping experience through MallSquare Download Mallsquare

This platform aims at helping people in knowing the exact hot deals, collections, coupons (and everything that you’d not like to know through a lousy salesperson but instead yourself) running at malls. They have the information of every store on each floor within the screens of their mobiles and one can access all this from anywhere.Also as soon as one sets foot in a mall, customers can grab hot deals for specified amount of time.This is just so cool and  easy.

The first magic cut that the facility scores is the hassle to go to showrooms door to door and more importantly, the struggles of ordering, waiting and then returning a certain merchandise, the typical online-shopping-app-way. Simple and indeed, simplified. The operations department has successfully been able to join hands with many of the leading mall outlets in Bangalore and the project has been launched.


“The idea was to marry the satisfaction derived through mall bazaar shopping with the convenience and no nonsense gene of online purchasing experience of the day. Also, to make it really versatile and least complicated at the same time” said the Founder, Qaiser when asked to comment on the guiding light for the concept of MallSquare. Qaiseralso gravitated a lot of buzz through his PMO India controversy on Twitter back in 2014.

The app is available on Playstore and serves to the people living in Bangalore,  for now. They plan to expand it to more cities within a year.



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