This visit is critical for both India and France

French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent visit to India is critical in various aspects.  One of the most important aspects is the stable and steady relations that France shares with India.

The way in which the France President carries himself is worth praising. Being a strong-willed and insistent leader, his ambitious reform agendas for France and European Union do sound practical. At 40, Macron has already proved himself as a reliable leader which further intensifies the importance of his visit.

Some of the major highlights from Emmanuel Macron’s visit include:

  • As a welcome move, the strategic partnership between the two nations was deepened when they sealed business deals for 16 billion Crores and signed a total of 14 agreements. One of these 14 agreements was centred on countering China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the meet describing the outcome of the talk as a big leap in the ties between the two nations.  “Be it land, water, air, or space, our cooperation and ties bind us together in all,” PM said.
  • “Stability in the Indian Ocean region is very important for the stability of the entire region, and we are with India for freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific,” Mr Macron said, as PM Modi standing by his side.
  • To boost up the nuclear power, the two leaders decided to target working at Jaitapur site to start building world’s largest nuclear power plant which sports a mega capacity of 9.6 Gigawatts.
  • The other important terms of the agreement include deal for cooperation in various other crucial agendas like education, the electric mobility of railways, urban development, space cooperation, intelligence sharing and electric mobility of railways.
  • Macron and Modi opened gates of co-operating in an astronaut program by signing a joint vision for space cooperation.
  •  Macron attended a solar power summit on Sunday, designed to showcase India and France’s commitment to fighting climate change, which both leaders have set as a priority
  • There was also a brief discussion regarding the disputed “Rafale” deal. As early as Macron arrived in India, Congress alleged that a news information source had suggested that India was paying far more than other countries (Qatar and Egypt) for the deal of the 36 jets to be acquired by the Indian Air Force.
  • “India is clearly paying an extra price of 350.90 crores per aircraft or Rs.12,632 crore for 36 aircraft.” BJP replied back in no time by saying Congress was “misleading the country over a sensitive issue like defence”.
  • Macron will also be travelling to PM’s constituency Varanasi, after which both the leaders will be sitting over a private lunch and will also visit Mirzapur(UP) to inaugurate a 100MW Solar Plant.





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