A secret report by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently got leaked and it reveals a much horrifying story, something the majority of us are unaware about.

It highlights a plot by the Islamist organizations in the most literate state ‘Kerala’ to hunt and forcibly convert Hindu girls into Islam.

However, the situation is more complicated and dark than it appears at the first thought.

Dawa Squads’, claimed as the name of the group used by the Islamist organizations in Kerala, have been exploiting and forcibly converting Hindu girls belonging to the weaker sections of the society. The shocking part is the fact that majority of the girls were converted not for faith but fake love.

NIA’s preliminary probe into a “love jihad” case on the instructions of the Supreme Court has revealed a common link in two instances where the “mentor” who persuaded Hindu girls to embrace Islam is a woman associated with the radical group Popular Front of India (PFI).

The two Hindu girls were supposedly lured by Akhila’s “mentor” Sainaba into embracing Islam with the help of activists linked to Islamic outfits PFI, SDPI and Markazul Hidaya ‘Sathyasarani’. Some of Sainaba’s associates figure in both cases.

These cases of conversions have led to the need of studying demographic shift in Kerala in the last few years. And, the study reveals a much shocking stat.

Jatinder Bajaj, a demographer from the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), points out that Muslim live births per 100 is 41.45 per cent compared to the Hindu rate of 42.87 per cent, indicating that despite being only half the Hindu population, Muslim birth rates are nearly the same. 

The states most at risk of a sharp tilt towards Muslim demography are Kerala, West Bengal, and Assam. But Kerala presents the most interesting shift, for it neither has borders with Muslim majority states, nor the low levels of development or literacy that correlates to high birth rates.

This creeping change needs to be analyzed maturely by Hindus who are concerned about this threat to their majority status in Kerala, which could end as early as the 2031 or 2041 census if nothing is done about it.

Cool-heading thinking will tell us that the remedies may not lie in emotional responses by fringe groups, but in making long-term strategic shifts in Hindu social and gender attitudes.

In Kerala, the prospects of a temple-church alliance will make sense if we have to change the nature of the political discourse in a state where Muslim power and demography is changing dramatically, threatening both Hindu and Christian.

Most important, Hindus must support Muslim women’s empowerment and participation in economic benefits. Ultimately, it is the emancipated Muslim woman who holds the key to communal amity by refusing to offer her womb for a demographic battle in which the clerics tell people what to do, what to believe, and why to avoid yoga or Onam as anti-Islamic practices.


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