Guess there is no end to the Bihar’s ongoing political fiasco. Nitish Kumar earlier this morning said Sharad Yadav is free to chose his own path and make a decision with where his loyalties lie further adding the decision to form an alliance was taken after gaining consent from the party leaders.

“He is free to go where he wants,” said the Chief Minister, who was in Delhi today for a meeting with the Prime Minister and BJP chief Amit Shah. This was their first official meeting post-alliance in Bihar.

“Sharad Yadav is free to take his own decision. As far as party is concerned, the party has taken its decision. The decision taken is not based on my will only, it had been made with the consent of the entire party. I have made it clear earlier also, but if still he wants to put forward his opinion then he is free to do so,” Kumar said.

Sharad Yadav on the other hand claims that the original party is still with him.  At a recent function he said, “Sarkari JD(U) is with Nitish Kumar while the original party is with me. The original JD(U) in association with secular forces would form a government after the next general election.’’

This does hint at yet another split in JD(U) and is speculated as Yadav’s challenge to the Chief Minister on breaking the party.

Yadav was given a warning yesterday by the JD-U to watch his language.  Following his 3-day Bihar Tour to gather reactions from the people, Mr Yadav said that the Chief Minister runs a “sarkari” version of his party, while the real JD-U is to be found in the masses. The implicatio comes as Mr. Kumar has all over again ditched his political allies and tied up with vocal opponents for power and stature.

“The political language being used by him is very objectionable and uncomfortable for the party president (Nitish Kumar) and the government (of Bihar). We will ask him to refrain from making statement which crosses limits,” said KC Tyagi, a senior leader of the JD-U.

However, as the wheels of time turn, speculations are rife that Yadav may not split the party but instead merge his faction with the RJD. While the rebel faction, on its own may not have had an impact on Bihar politics as such, apart from damaging Nitish temporarily, an alliance with Lalu’s RJD can offer stiff competition to JD(U)-BJP combine in the 2020 state elections.


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