Interview With Arpan Srivastava, Editor in Chief of

Arpan Srivastava, hailing from Allahabad was able to comprehend his entrepreneurial aspirations and compassion for journalism at a very early age. He hails from Allahabad. While most of his peers are still trying to crack college applications, Arpan has identified himself with an established brand like SatyaVijayi which is one of India’s leading emerging news portal.

Currently 19 years old, he serves as the Chief Editor and has the skill to classify news from noise and separate facts from fiction. He co founded with Mr Anand Padmanabhan in 2015 at the age of 16. Today he heads a team of 50 plus authors across the country. Prakash R serves as director of website operations.

Here’s the transcript of interview of Arpan Srivastava with illogical indian

II Staff: What is the reason behind starting SatyaVijayi?

Arpan: To instill a feeling of nationalism among the Indian citizens & debunk the misrepresentations by the Mainstream Media Houses using a robust, honest, & transparent force – the Social Media. The Aim to be one of the pioneers in Social Media without any biased reporting.

II Staff: How many members are currently a part of SatyaVijayi team?

Arpan: Today, the website run by the trio (Anand, Prakash and I), houses 50+ authors and many guest-authors spanning across India. The website publishes majorly in English and has started new ventures in Kannada and Hindi. Apart from handling the media content, a comprehensive team of Graphic Designers, Video Editors and digital marketing experts are already in place.

II Staff: How do you describe the success of

Arpan: Over the past three years, SatyaVijayi has emerged as one of India’s Leading Upcoming Media Websites. (Rated on Alexa). With a limited workforce, they have consistently achieved an average of around 2 million hits per month and a consistent 10 Lakh Plus Page Views/Month. The website has been visited by more than 4 crore internet users in the last 3 years. SatyaVijayi’s Facebook page alone has an outreach of more than 1.5 Crore per month. They are also growing in the Twitter ecosystem with over 5,500 followers. Some distinguished personalities from various spheres of lives are avid followers.  SatyaVijayi is gradually building its place as one of the official Media Partners for Virat Hindustan Sangam and AOL. Recently having covered the book release of Uday Mahukar’s – Marching with a Billion which was presided over by Subramanian Swamy.


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